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E. S. Modular Systems provides turn-key solutions addressing issues associated with the manufacture and logistics of shelters for disaster relief efforts, regardless of the type of disaster encountered, from natural disasters to human-made disasters. We have assessed all relevant issues on the planning, development, and delivery of disaster shelters and have adapted our company to address the inherent problems of the past by managing disaster relief efforts through state-of-the-art technology, resource planning, logistics and supply chain management. From being a quality-controlled ISO 9000 manufacturer of shelters to being certified in other areas such as logistics and supply chain management, we feel we have removed past problems associated with this form of disaster relief effort.

E. S. Modular Systems offers consultancy services to address issues associated with Immediate Occupancy standards and Community Resilience programs. E.S. Modular has forty years experience with manufacturing of Modular, Wood Framed, Steel Framed and other building types and has significant experience in managing and consulting with Fortune 500 companies.

E. S. Modular Systems is positioned to be your one stop shop for post disaster solutions and seeks contracts for the assessment, building and delivery of disaster shelters, and consultancy contracts to assist with development of Immediate Occupancy Standards and Community Resilience programs for post disaster recovery.


Due to the risks associated with disasters, and transportation of all modular shelter types, we carefully assess the best method of transportation available to meet the urgent needs of our disaster victims. Although our disaster shelters are crafted from intermodal cargo containers engineered to withstand wind loads up to 175MPH, they are of little use unless delivered on a timely basis to disaster areas. We can transport these units by rail, cargo ship, and intermodal truck transport.

Patent pending status - We recently received patent pending status on several components of our disaster shelters, allowing us to provide disaster shelters that are unable to be duplicated by other manufacturers or providers.

Our patent pending status is on the following components.

  • E. S. Smart Water H2/O System - Proprietary water filtration system
  • Sub Basement Module - Slides into the container under the main floor of the container.
  • Power Lift Leveling System - allows the container to be leveled on uneven ground
  • Disaster Smart System - communication link to satellite services and all systems
E. S. Modular Systems is available to serve as Consultants to both FEMA & HUD Providing Best Practice Value in Disaster and Temporary Shelters, Transitioning to HUD Approved Permanent Housing.
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